Why donate?

One organ and tissue donor could help save and improve the quality of life of up to 10 people.

Organ transplants transform lives and are the best possible treatment for people with organ failure. But there simply aren€t enough donor organs for everyone who needs them.

Due to this shortage of organs, currently there are approximately 2,000 people on transplant waiting lists around Australia and hundreds of people die each year while waiting for an organ transplant.

Life on the list for some people can last for more than 15 years and reduces peoples€ quality of life dramatically. Kidney failure can mean up to eight hours a day on a dialysis machine, heart or lung failure can leave people struggling to walk and with liver failure tired, bloated and jaundice.

Another important reason to think about donation and make your decision known is because less than one per cent of people die in such a way that organ donation is medically possible.

Currently only an average of 50 per cent of families consent to organ donation across Australia, with one of the main reasons families say €no€ because they are unaware of their loved one€s wishes.

A 2006 Australians Donate survey showed that although 94 percent of Australians support organ and tissue donation for transplantation, one-in-four Australians have not made their wishes known about organ and tissue donation to anyone.

Still too few people think about donation or discuss it with their partner, family or friends. A simple discussion about your decision could mean 10 lives could be dramatically changed.