How do I make my decision count?

  • To ensure your wishes are followed through have a simple discussion with your partner, family and friends. The family or next-of-kin will be asked to consent before organ or tissue donation can proceed.
  • In Australia, 90% of families say yes to donation when their loved one is a registered donor. This compares to the national consent rate of 64%.
  • When the family is unaware of their loved one’s donation decision, only 44% of families agree to donation so it’s vital to communicate your wishes with your loved ones.
  • If you previously recorded a donation decision on your state driver’s licence, you still need to join the Australian Organ Donor Register (AODR). It only takes a minute. South Australia is the only state where residents can still record a donation decision via their driver’s licence.
  • The AODR ensures your consent (or objection) to donating organs and tissue for transplantation and can be verified 24 hours a day, seven days a week by authorised medical personnel, anywhere in Australia.